All About Chloe

Married with five children and five grandchildren, Chloe is a nurse, student, and author that enjoys spending what little spare time she has with her children, riding motorcycles with her husband, reading, and photography. She has five dogs, three cats, and a ball python that she includes in her menagerie of family.

According to her husband, she is also an amazing cook and makes the meanest Indian tacos, wojapi, Louisiana gumbo, and blackberry dumplings in the country. Along with her five children, she has an amazing number of kids who have “adopted” her over the years and although an only child by birth, she also has numerous “adopted” brothers and sisters.

A Mohawk Indigenous woman, she was brought up in a religiously fanatical Caucasian world with only one word first and foremost in her mind: Survival.

Raised in rural Illinois, she spent her youth with an abusive adoptive family which sparked her escape into writing. From her experiences, she has centered her muse on reflecting not only the difficulties, but the victories as well. Schooled in medicine, psychology, and theology, she has continued to educate herself in an attempt to satisfy her addiction and obsession for knowledge, understanding, and justification of the world around her.

In 1988, she met and developed a close and loving relationship with her birth mother, Gail Fox. Tragically, Gail was killed in an accident in 1993 yet Chloe is grateful for the short but beautiful time they spent together.

Chloe has eclectic tastes in life from Antoine Rubinstein to Slipknot, Twizzlers to Caviar, horses to Harleys, and crayons to CGI. She collects brass, clay, & cast iron cuspidors, antique hurricane lamps, frogs, and memories.

An odd one in the least, she does not care for chocolate, diamonds, gold, shopping, perfume, or flowers, although the white daisy will always hold a special place in her heart and is reflected in her photography, poetry, and the many tattoos that adorn her flesh to honor her Grandfather.


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